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Opposite signs are those signs that are at the polar opposite end of themselves. Gemini and Sagittarius are one of them. Gemini is an air sign, while Sagittarius is a fire sign.

Polarity: Opposite Zodiac Signs

Both signs are known to quest for knowledge, though the means of acquisition is different. Gemini would love gaining knowledge from the intellectual direction, this includes reading books, attending lectures and participating in casual debates.

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Sagittarius on the other hand would love gaining knowledge via exploration. This includes: Travelling, understanding culture by observation, interacting with gurus, thinking philosophically about that which is puzzling.

Why Opposite Zodiac Signs Find Each Other Attractive, Per Love Astrology

But on closer inspection, you will see that both Sagittarius and Gemini can share their opposite traits though it might be expressed differently. Sagittarius may appear as a lover of debates and a book worm while the Gemini might like to understand by observation and exploration. Sagittarius are known to have good traits of being an humorous life of the party. Bad traits of Sagittarius would be self righteousness, double talk, A common Gemini trait as well , insensitive, a religious fanatic this comes from obsession with their believes.

Gemini are also known as the fun talkative one, or the quite cool one. The bad traits include being two faced, indecisive, unstable in thought, insensitive, etc. Though they are opposite signs, they have similar traits expressed in different ways.

What are the Zodiac Signs?

You are commenting using your WordPress. Scorpio is hungry for extreme and extraordinary experience whereas Taurus is down to earth and finds pleasures in a rather routine lifestyle. Taureans need tranquility, they love gathering and possessing. In contrast, Scorpios are detached, tortured, instinctive and do not hesitate to destroy in order to aspire for renewal.

At Taurus's side Scorpio learns to enjoy simple pleasures of life, to become more stabilized and to take advantage of perseverance. As to Taurus, they can get inspired by Scorpio for learning to renounce, to be more unbiased and less stubborn.

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  • Gemini-Sagittarius :Behaviour and personalities of Gemini and Sagittarius are polar and can contrast as well as complement each other. Geminians are in search of their identity, their character is adaptable, they are easy to influence and prone to reflection. To the contrary, Sagittarians have no single doubt of who they are, they reveal an unreined, inconsiderate and moralistic nature.

    However, these two signs could enrich each other with their opposite qualities. From contacts with Sagittarius a Gemini learns permanence, sincerity, enthusiasm and tenacity. As to Sagittarius, they are likely to be inspired by Gemini to develop some tact, open-mindedness, modesty and introduce certain limits.

    The 12 Zodiac Signs & Their Polar Opposite Sign Relationships [Opposites Attract or Attack!]

    Cancer-Capricorn :The opposite characteristics of Cancer and Capricorn are so real that they become extremely complementary. Cancerians are gentle, tender, delicate, rather careless, sensible, dreamy and have a tendency to count on others for moving forward.

    The Astrological Wheel

    On the other hand, Capricorns are rigid, cold, realistic, self-disciplined, ambitious and tend to only rely on themselves. Beside a Cancer, a Capricorn masters generosity, flexibility, open-mindedness, imagination. As for Cancers, they can get inspired by a Capricorn to adopt rigour, stability, develop their ambitions and control their emotions. Leo-Aquarius :The polar opposite behaviour of Leo and Aquarius makes them opposed in the same way as it draws them together. Leo is a generous one, with overflowing vitality, ambitious, authoritarian, endowed with great self-confidence and a desire to be recognized.

    Aquarius is original, independent, low-disciplined, indulgent, flexible and fraternal. In Leo's company an Aquarius can develop the sense of organization, become more affectionate, more audacious and confident, less rebellious, more stable and more merciful. As to Leo, they can draw inspiration from Aquarius to become more humanistic and tolerant, more self-sufficient and more creative in order to put great deeds into life.

    Virgo-Pisces :The differences between Virgo and Pisces are blurred as despite their distinct behaviour, they both are introverts by nature. Virgos are discreet, timid , disciplined, thoughtful, perfectionistic, organized and extremely anxious. To the contrary, Pisces are utopianists, they lack pragmatism, they tend to go with the tide and escape from all responsibility.

    Cardinal, Mutable & Fixed Signs: The Qualities in Astrology

    By Virgo's side a Pisces gains in self-sufficiency, becomes more courageous and learns to face the reality. As for Virgos, they can get inspired by Pisces and learn to relax, profit from pleasures of existence, boost their open-mindedness and become less constrained. Dear Refilwe, i'm sorry but I do not have your astrological sign! You can go and discover your astral love compatibilty by following this link and adding your date of birth : Get your FREE Love Compatibility Have a nice week!

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