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The nine planetary temples. Lecture 4 Palm leaf readings from thumbprints based on reincarnation and 12 episodes of life in nadi astrology, giving evidence of a personal life reading besides your 16 personal horoscopes and janma rashi and nakshatra — birth star, how to obtain and administer remedies for past life karma and therapeutic treatments with yantras, mantra siidi, and ayurvedic food recipies together with homas-fire —ceremonies performed at the site of the city of Tanjur and the 9 planetary temples in proper order according to advice by the maharishis or lord Shiva.

Lecture 5 Palm leaf readings and nadi readings and the effective use of chapters 12, 14 and 15, as remedies for treatment of past life karma, the practical use of visualizations on yantras, repletion of certain words of power.

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Mantra siidi, the use of aksyh talisman of temple deities and planetary rulers, the practical advice of foods and herbs for healing of body and mind under planetary and elemental categories. Lecture 6 The different maharishi Agasthiya and Kousika libraries in Tamil nadu country of south India.


Applied nadi, gnana and kandam readings at each center for simple and advanced reincarnation interpretations for embodied souls today on Earth. The science of soul nadi readings — jeevan nadi. Lecture 7 The history and use of palm leaves and nadi readings in India by maharishis like Agasthiya and Kousika besides Brighu and sri Kagabujander and maha shiva Vakkiyar, compiled by the king.

Lecture 8 How to proceed with advanced palm readings after the initial 12 kandams and naadis. Lecture 9 The use and practise of therapeutic methods on nadi and palm leaf readings by application of mantra siddis and yantras with proper inscriptions together with homas — fire ceremonies and its individual application at the nine planetary temples in the city of Tanjevur in Tamil nadu country in India. Through thousands of years these maharishis created the legendary kandams and supernatural readings which have been compiled and are readily available today for interpretations by their heirs.

Lecture 11 The advanced nadi readings Jeva Naadi and maha Shiva Vakkiya readings and the only soul readings given by none nadi readers the so called prashna and yentra kandams. For advanced readings on the origin of the soul you may use gnanam naadi. The science of soul jeva nadis —sounds there are definite sounds — vakkiyas that each incarnated soul relates to. The principle of understanding how gods, devas and deities are incarnated in matter and how you can best use your knowledge for health, wellbeing and devotion to spirit.

For information on books, tapes, videos, CDs etc please Email for info. Written by the sages of yore, the hoary predictive art called Nadi Shastra is said to hold the key to future generations. You meet a stranger. He tells you your name, age, profession, name of your parents and spouse, number of children, tales of past life exploits and your future prospects. All this from ancient palm leaf manuscripts, written at least 2, years ago. Truly disconcerting! And this is not fiction. Such experiences are commonplace with experts in possession of these leaves spreading out all over the country and abroad.

In Tamil, nadi means "in search of". Says Durai Subburathnam of Sri Kousiha Agasthya Mahasiva Vakkiya Nadi Jothida Nilayam, Chennai: "The person whose palm leaf record exists with us will definitely approach us at a predestined time specified on the leaves. The process is simple. To locate a manuscript, the thumb impression of the person is taken on paper, left for women and right for men.

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But opinions differ. While Subburathnam claims that these are classified into 1, types, Delhi based nadi reader B Raju says that there are only types. The palm leaves are also arranged accordingly. Finding your leaf is not as easy as giving your thumb impression. It is a painstaking job to match the two, sometimes it takes several hours. Says Raju: "If we are unable to locate the leaf, we ask the client to come again after a few days as we have to get it from our native place.

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Or we refer to Sukshma nadi, which gives brief predictions. Due to divine insight they could look into and write the details of all who would one day go for a nadi reading," explains Subburathnam. We only read whatever is written on the leaf. You can also read your name, if you know the language," says Subburathnam.

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The process of becoming a nadi reader is rigorous. There are different theories on how predictions are made. He believed that this system was special and original to Indian culture and genius. Till the s, nadis were a sealed book even to the majority of Hindu astrologers. Raman felt that nadi writers based their predictive applications on the extensive astrological literature.

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Attributed to Sage Parasara, all were in the form of Sanskrit sutras. The best system, according to Raman, is based on 36 tantra nadis, each of which contains 1, These recur every years. Another theory is that kshudra devatas angels, spirit beings pass on the information about the individual to the nadi reader.

Thousands of such palm leaves are spread all over the country. Explains Subburathnam: "The leaves carry predictions for all, irrespective of cast, creed, country. Agasthya predictions are in Tamil. However, the leaves held by the present day nadi readers in the South belonged to King Sarabhoj, the Maratha ruler of Tanjavur.

The leaves started disintegrating with age. Scholars were employed to interpret the ancient Tamil and Sanskrit script and rewrite on fresh ola palm leaves. These were written in vatta ezathu, Tamil script, with a sharp, nail-like instrument called ezuthani. Nadi readers preserve these leaves by rubbing peacock oil on auspicious occasions.

Some of the original leaves are still preserved at Saraswathi Nilayam in Tanjavur. Later, when the British left India, they took with them priceless manuscripts pertaining to science, ayurveda and astronomy. Astrological manuscripts were left behind which were later auctioned. A community of astrologers "valluvars" from Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tanjavur bought them and made nadi reading a hereditary profession.

In fact, B Raju a nadi reader who hails from this place and has set up the Sri Kausika Mahasiva Nadi Jothida Nilayam in Delhi, says: "Nadi readers from our native place have set up centres all over the country. But how are predictions made? Some Nadis give entire life histories of persons based on astrological reasoning. In such cases past and future events go wrong to a small extent. Nadi-practitioners are genuine astrologers.

They often use clairvoyant powers to make horoscopes from the palm of the hand and in many cases discarnate being like nature spirits are engaged to get information. This sadhana, Karna Pishachi, tells the practitioner in his ear all the past which he reproduces to the client. It is all correct but fails miserably about future predictions.


Both Subburathnam and Raju disagree. Many of our satisfied clients bring their friends and relatives for predictions. There is no question of tantra or mantra. We read whatever is written there and if the leaf is not found we say so," says Subburathnam. Skeptics argue that the astrologer asks several questions and then puts two and two together. Subburathnam denies the charge. In Hoshiarpur, where the Bhrigu Samhita practitioners are concentrated, the reader casts a chart for the moment you come for a consultation and then proceeds to find the corresponding leaf which may take hours.

A client can choose the chapter she wants to be read.

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