In the future, you might want to avoid placing so much responsibility on one person. Tonight: Meeting up with friends. You might see changes heading in your direction.

Horoscope for Monday, May 27, 12222

How you handle a personal matter could radically change because of a strong sense of both your finances and your expectations from another person. Relax; choose to be easygoing. Tonight: You have the final word. Touch base with a friend who has a lot of information to share.

Work with this person, as your odds for success might be enhanced. Don't allow anyone to persuade you to do something that you don't want to right now. Tonight: A must appearance. You might be more aware of a situation than you realize. Listen; observe more. You'll probably gain even more insight. Your loyalty could be tested by discovering that someone might be holding back key information. Trust this person to have a good reason. Tonight: As you like it. Zero in on others; listen to what they ask.

Clearly, if you have an opportunity to move on a key idea, you will. At present, if you decide to share more, you might gain more support. Tonight: Only where your pals can be found. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www.

Subscribe Now. Take charge and handle a personal matter. You might be the force that brings others together, but you also need some time with a friend or loved one. You can have both. Your sixth sense helps you deal with an authority figure. Tonight: Having a good time. Your mind floats to other people and caring. You might hear news that pleases you and could involve others at a distance. A partner will go to bat for you. Express your imaginative nature to maximize your interactions with a special person.

Tonight: Read between the lines.

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Defer to others, especially one person who you feel very close to. Honour a fast change, and know what you want and expect from a key person in your life.

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Caring emotes naturally between you. You have a nearly psychic connection. Tonight: As you like. You might feel as if you must respond to everyone today. You really don't have to, especially if being with one specific person is important to you. Your creativity soars around this person at the moment. You share some wild ideas. Tonight: Defer to the apple of your eye. Make it easy and worthwhile for a difficult person to relate to you. He or she might make the situation complicated anyway.

You could feel as if you do not have an alternative — for now. Let your optimism permeate the day. Tonight: Just be you. Proceed with care. Tonight: Start the weekend early. You could be fuming, so be careful about expressing your feelings while in this state of mind.

Look within yourself for more answers about what is irritating you. Read between the lines. After you have done a personal inventory, start a conversation. Tonight: Till the wee hours. Your feelings come out despite an attempt to sit on them. You could be tired and somewhat irritable.

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Without being touchy, have a long-overdue talk. Keep the door of communication open.

If you are angry, do not hit below the belt. Discuss your feelings.

Tonight: At a favourite haunt. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

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